GREET the host COLOR  with your toddler
ASK for a personal tour DELIGHT in your daughter dressing dolls
FIND a name on Honor and Memory Tree BUILD a Lincoln Log cabin with your son
SIGN IN the guest book LISTEN to old time music
BROWSE through the gift shop MAKE AND TAKE project
EXPLORE the exhibits PULL OUT your cell phone camera for photo props
LOOK THROUGH community scrapbooks COMPLETE the survey
USE genealogy resources YOYO, hula hoop,  hop scotch, 
DO family research TOSS jacks and marbles
BUILD a family tree LADIES see the clothing collection in ladys restroom
CREATE a scrapbook Heritage page SIT on the deck and SIP lemonade
PLAY a game of checkers, fig mill CHALLENGE a colleague to croquet
WORK on a jigsaw puzzle CHOOSE sides for a lawn game
READ a book of local history AMBLE around the heritage flower beds
LEAF through a historical magazine WALK through the grindstone house
RELAX with a cup of coffee, tea, or softdrink ENJOY the view from the grindstone house back porch
MAIL a picture postcard WANDER the trail along the creek
SEARCH through newspapers LINGER at the benches
THUMB THROUGH Senior photos VISUALIZE early farm life in the log cabin and barn
TRY your luck with the 300 Club FULFILL a wish on wish list
STARE through the telescope DONATE items
VIEW master DEMONSTRATE a traditional craft
SCAVENGER hunt SHARE experience with friends and family
WATCH A DVD of local history  INVITE someone to come with you next time
PULL OUT the post card collection ATTEND an upcoming event
ID family members in vintage photos LIKE US on Facebook 
*Not every activity is set up every day




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