Your Port Austin Area History Center is constantly striving to
provide quality information, educational events, research
material, exhibits & entertainment.

T Shirts      Hats     Mugs     Children's Toys     American Flags     
Jigsaw Puzzles      Picture Popstcards     Notecards     Stationary      Placemats
Local cookbook     DVDs and CDS of Local History     
Rag Rugs made on our rug loom      Local crafts     

The Gift Shop has many more items than listed in this catalog.

We have booklets for sale covering area cemetery records;
U S Federal Census records dating back as far as 1850;
Landowners records dating back as far as 1875; info
booklets about area landmarks;   Memoirs of folks who lived
in and helped develop the area.

We have postcards, photographs, activity books,
DVDs of the Huron County and Port Austin pioneer days.

Gift Shop

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